Trade Show Booth Design Tips That Attract Customers

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Trade Show Booth Design Tips That Attract Customers

9 January 2016
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Your trade show display should grab people's attention right away. If it doesn't, you're losing money. Eye-catching booth designs draw people to you automatically. You have the opportunity to speak with as many people as possible without having to coax people passing by into stopping and seeing what you have to offer. Fortunately, it's fairly simple to design a booth that attracts potential customers. You just need well-placed vinyl banners, a good color scheme, and a digital display.

Choosing Booth Colors

Coming up with a killer color scheme for your trade show booth is extremely important. You need to design a booth that stands out from the crowd, and in order to do that, you need to incorporate colors into your design that jump out at you. There isn't one set of colors that will make your booth successful but keep these things in mind when choosing a color scheme for your booth.

  • White gives your booth a streamlined look that's fresh and clean, but it won't catch your eye as quickly as bolder colors.
  • If you're using multiple bright colors in your booth design, choose a neutral color to use as your booth's main color. This way, people aren't overwhelmed with vibrant hues. White, black, and gray are all good options because they make more vibrant colors stand out.
  • Avoid choosing a medium shade of color for the main color in your color scheme. Instead, choose either a light or dark shade of your main color so that your accent colors and main color don't blend together.

Displaying Business Signs

Vinyl banners can be customized to include your company's name and contact information, as well as any other information that you want to relay to potential customers. In fact, custom vinyl banners and signs are such an important part of your display that you should have several signs in different sizes. Make a big impact on your potential customers by:

  • Hanging a large custom vinyl banner across the top of the back of your booth. Make sure this banner includes eye-catching colors, your business name, your contact info, and crisp, clear images.
  • Displaying a smaller vinyl banner with your business' contact information in the front of your booth. You can either display the banner using a banner display stand or attach the banner to a table in front of your booth.
  • Placing smaller signs throughout your booth to relay important information to potential customers.

Digital Displays

People like digital displays, especially ones that are interactive. However, if you don't have the time or the funds to you can create a simple digital display by using a digital photo frame or a small flat-screen TV to play a photo slideshow. This gives your booth a more upscale look, and it's a fun way to highlight specific products or specials.

When you're working a large event, you're competing with multiple other vendors for a few minutes of a person's time. It's imperative that your booth stand out from the rest. So, choose colors that pop, order multiple custom signs and vinyl banners, and use a digital display to attract as many people as possible to your booth. For more ideas, check with companies like Davis Sign Co.