Your New In-Ground Pool Is Installed—Now You Need A Fence

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Your New In-Ground Pool Is Installed—Now You Need A Fence

18 May 2016
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If you have installed an in-ground pool in your backyard, then you will likely need to install a fence around it. Most municipalities have ordinances requiring that an in-ground pool be surrounded by a fence. For example, in New York the pool must be surrounded by a fence that is at least 4 feet high. You should check your own local municipality's regulations to see what the specifications for your fence need to be. But beyond the regulations, you do have a few options for fencing. Here are the different fencing options you have.

Powder Coated Aluminum Fencing

When you see a photo of a swimming pool and there is what looks to be a black, heavy wrought iron fence around the perimeter, the odds are that it is aluminum. Wrought iron is much too heavy, expensive, and cumbersome to install for a simple pool fence. It requires welding, masonry work at the foundation, and is all-in-all a very laborious material to work with. Aluminum, on the other hand can be installed without much difficulty. If you have a concrete slab or brick patio surrounding the pool, the aluminum fencing can be bolted into the ground. It is light, so it doesn't require masonry to secure it.

The powder coating gives it a dark black look, which tricks the eye into thinking it's made of substantial materials such as iron, instead of a lightweight aluminum. This is not to say that the fence material is weak. On the contrary, aluminum is a great material for longevity in the outdoors because it does not rust. It's not too strong, but since it is in your backyard, it won't need to stop an errant car, like a front yard fence might.

The major drawback is that the fence does not provide any sort of privacy. If you live in an area where your neighbors are some distance away, and you have trees around your property, then this is not an issue. In fact, the ability to see though the fence is desirable if you have a nice backyard view from the pool.

Chain Link Fence With Faux Ivy

If you live in a neighborhood where the neighbors are close by, and there is not much privacy between homes, then you will want a backyard pool fence that provides that much needed privacy. A chain link fence that is decorated with faux ivy is an excellent choice.

Chain link fences are lightweight and easy to install. First, aluminum posts are installed at intervals surrounding the pool. The chain link mesh is then attached to the fence posts with tension bands so that there is no slack.

The reason you should choose a faux ivy privacy screen is because it will provide you with privacy. Normal chain link mesh is see-though, and as such you will have zero privacy. The fake ivy fills in the empty spaces on the fence. Faux ivy is better than trying to plant real ivy because it requires no upkeep (water, pruning) and you don't have to wait for the plant to grow in order to get your desired privacy.