Want To Make Money Helping Others? Consider These Opportunities

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Want To Make Money Helping Others? Consider These Opportunities

27 July 2016
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Are you looking for a way to make money while helping others in your community or beyond? Here are three opportunities that may just be right for you:

Non-Profit Jobs

There are a variety of non-profit jobs out there that will provide you with a paycheck while at the same time giving you an opportunity to work within an organization that benefits communities near you. You can work in human resources for a non-profit thrift store that makes it easy for the community to purchase needed clothing and household items without breaking the bank. You may enjoy working as an aide in a non-profit legal center. Working as a graphic designer for non-profit animal rights groups is another option to consider. Using non-profit job search websites is an excellent way to weed out the career paths that you don't have interest in so you can focus on the avenues that are most intriguing to you.

Community Engagement

Working directly with your community is another great way to make a difference by helping others while making a living so you can support yourself. Look for opportunities at local YMCA centers, Boys and Girls clubs, community centers, after-school programs, and teen support programs. Many of these places offer ground level opportunities that can turn into executive positions that pay very well without taking away from the community service that you are providing.

Volunteering Abroad

While you shouldn't expect to get rich while volunteering abroad, many opportunities come with room and board as well as plenty of time for exploration and free time. Whether you enjoy working with children, animals, or politicians, the opportunities are almost endless when it comes to volunteering around the world. Consider one or more of the following options:

Take some time to explore all of these opportunities before making a final career path decision to ensure that you'll feel satisfied with your work for many years to come. The initial path you choose to take can lead to many more opportunities along the way. 

For non-profit job search sites, try Foundation List, or do an online search.