The Intrigue And Allure Of Amethyst

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The Intrigue And Allure Of Amethyst

23 September 2016
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Amethyst is not only a stunning stone, but it is a very intriguing one, too. There are so many benefits and advantages of this ancient quartz that it seems like a natural choice by anyone looking for a beautiful and meaningful gemstone or piece of jewelry. Consider the many qualities of amethyst and visit jewelers for stunning pieces that highlight the inherent beauty of this amazing stone.

Some things to know about amethyst include:

Origins. Amethyst is a valuable type of quartz that gets its color from iron. It is found in a wide range of purples, from very pale pink to vibrant violet, often displaying unique patches or bands of color. The name comes from Greece and means 'not drunk' so it is believed that amethyst will protect those wearing it that are under the influence and prevent the wearer from becoming inebriated.

Unique qualities. Amethyst is reported to ward off evil, curses, and black-magic; it is also worn to prevent disease or contagions. Travelers often wear amethyst to prevent attacks or injury during their trips. This is a protective stone and reportedly keeps the wearer safe from all kinds of harm and exploitation.

Mystical qualities. Amethyst is worn for increasing intuition or honing psychic abilities, too. There is said to be something magical about this stone, and it can be used by those that have mentally-challenging jobs to stay on track. It may also help to alleviate melancholy, meaning it may boost or improve mood.

Healing properties.  Amethyst is lauded for its healing powers that can help with both physical and emotional distress. It is believed to be connected to the nervous system, so it is used as a means of treating nightmares, sleep disorders, and insomnia.

Physical benefits. Amethyst can speed-up the metabolism which may promote feelings of wellness in those wearing it. Many believe that it can help prevent cancer and that it strengthens immunities and the body overall. People that suffer from migraine headaches seek relief through making an elixir from amethysts.

Widely found. Amethyst is widely found which accounts for the competitive prices found when shopping for jewelry or gems. It is most commonly mined in the US, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Check out the many different perks of the purple amethyst stone. Visit online jewelers or brick-and-mortar retailers to buy amethyst jewelry and see setting options. If you are looking for a gift, consider the underlying meaning of this quartz stone and know that it is truly something unique and special.