Quick Cleaning Fixes To Keep On Hand In Your Office

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Quick Cleaning Fixes To Keep On Hand In Your Office

4 October 2016
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If you're an office manager who wants to keep as clean an office as possible, you know that regular janitorial service is essential. But to really keep the place clean, you need to enlist the help of your office workers and have them do minor cleanups now and then. This involves more than just spraying some all-purpose cleaner on desks. Having a few small—and particular—supplies around will help ensure your office is spotless.

Alcohol Wipes

These small squares of gauze soaked with rubbing alcohol—the same things your doctor uses to clean your arm before giving you an injection—are all-around saviors for several different uses. Use them to clean off keyboards and phones, and to remove small spots of spilled food that have dried in the kitchen (yes, you could use a spray for that, but if there are only a few spots, why not use a smaller cleaning solution). The wipes are also handy if you or a co-worker have bandage adhesive stuck on your hand; a few swipes with an alcohol wipe will remove the adhesive.

A Hair Dryer

This may sound like a strange thing to keep on hand, but if anything in your office has stickers or tape on it—be they official or added by a visiting vandal—a hair dryer is the best way to remove the item. The warm air softens the adhesive and allows you to remove the sticker or tape. You could wait for your janitorial team to arrive, but if they don't come to the office every day, a hair dryer will take care of the problem in a few minutes. Just turn on the hair dryer to a lower setting and hold it close to the sticker or tape (but not touching) for a few seconds. Turn off the hair dryer and start to pull at the tape or sticker. Repeat this cycle until the sticker or tape is off. Use an alcohol wipe to remove excess adhesive left behind.

Lint Rollers

These are good for more than just making everyone look less linty before a meeting. Use the rollers to pick up crumbs on counters and floors that just won't adhere to a wet paper towel. You can also use the rollers to control lines of ants as you seal up the holes through which they were appearing; if you disrupt their line back to the nest, they can scatter. But a lint roller will pick up several in one swipe.

These seem like small things that would be unnecessary if you just had a good janitorial team. But even with the best team, things can still happen while the team is away from the office. Having these supplies on hand will just make it that much easier to keep the office looking good. For more information, contact companies like Ben's Cleaner Sales.