2 Things To Expect When Replacing Your Old Furnace

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2 Things To Expect When Replacing Your Old Furnace

10 October 2016
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If the furnace in your home is on its last leg, you should contact a heating company to find out more information about getting a new furnace. While this can be a costly event, it is also something you cannot avoid if your furnace is shot. It's also important to realize, though, that getting a new furnace will offer a lot of key benefits. Here are two of the benefits you should expect from getting your old furnace replaced.

Improved safety

When you get a new furnace, it will most likely be safer than your old one. One reason for this is due to the ignitions on new furnaces. Older furnaces usually have pilot lights, which are lit all the time. To decrease the risks of a standing pilot light that is always lit, new furnaces typically come with electronic ignitions. These serve the same functions as pilot lights, but they are safer because they are not constantly lit.

In addition, when you get a new furnace, the company may give you a carbon monoxide detector to use near the furnace. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can be present with gas furnaces, and it is not something that you can see or smell. With a detector located near your furnace, you and your family will be safer.

Money savings on energy costs

The other key benefit you should expect with a new furnace is savings on your energy costs. New furnaces are designed to produce more heat with less gas compared to older furnaces. Because they operate so efficiently, you may notice that your furnace runs less often, and you may also notice that your energy bills are lower than they used to be.

As you choose a furnace, you can decide how efficient you would like yours to be. The lowest rating you can purchase today is a furnace that is 80% efficient. The highest rating you can find is one that offers a 98.5% rating. Furnaces with higher ratings will cost more money, but they will also cost you less to operate because they are able to heat a home more efficiently.

If your old furnace is shot, you should consider getting it replaced before winter hits. If you would like to learn more about options with furnaces and factors to consider when buying a new furnace, contact a company like Sullivan Super Service that specializes in heating repairs and furnace installation services.