Choosing The Best Type Of Pond Liner

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Choosing The Best Type Of Pond Liner

13 October 2016
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The great thing about flexible pond liners is that they provide you with flexibility regarding how you design your pond. There is also flexibility in the types of materials that you can use to line your pond. All you need is to know the qualities of each type of liner so you can determine which one is right for your pond.

PVC Liners

PVC liners are often chosen because they are the least expensive option available. The material comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, which allows even more flexibility when determining what type of pond you will design. However, some PVC materials may not be safe for fish. Find out the methods that are used to make a particular liner so you can know whether your fish will be safe. Also, PVC degrades easily in the sun and the part of the pine liner that is exposed to sunlight will not last as long.

Butyl Liners

Butyl liners are made with isobutylene isoprene rubber. This is a synthetic rubber is very malleable, which makes it easy to form the rubber into the shape of whichever type of pond you are trying to construct. This material is not toxic to fish either.

Reinforced Polyethelyne

If you do not want to replace your pond liner frequently, consider getting reinforced polyethelyne. This material is the longest lasting. It is also very resistant to puncturing, so it is less likely to wear out compared with other pond lining materials. They are an ideal solution for very large ponds because a liner can be ordered that is much longer than the other options. These types also weigh less and are much thinner than the other options, making it the best choice in most situations. Because they are welded together using heat, this type of liner is less likely to come apart.

EPDM Liners

EPDM liners are sometimes ordered because they are not harmful to fish. However, you cannot weld seams for EPDM liners in the same way that you can weld seams for other types. Intead, you will need to use a special butyl tape to create a variety of designs using this type of liner.

The best way to choose the right pond liner for you is to contact a pond liner manufacturing company. They will visit your property, will listen to you about the type of pond you would like to make and will recommend the appropriate pond liner. For more information, visit websites like