Protect Your Data: 3 Steps To Ensure The Security Of Your Business Data

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Protect Your Data: 3 Steps To Ensure The Security Of Your Business Data

17 October 2016
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Now that you're going into business for yourself, you need to make sure that your data is secure. After all, your business records are only as safe as the security you have in place. Unfortunately, if your security is lax, that means your important data is susceptible to theft and contamination. Your business depends on the data you have stored, which means you need to do everything you can to protect it. If you're not sure where to start, here are three steps you should take to maintain the security of your business data.

Start with the Physical Stuff

When you think of data security, you probably think about online security programs. However, that's only a part of the picture. To get the bigger picture – total data security – you have to start at the data center. Even if you're a small business, you still have important data stored on your business computers. Protecting your data center is crucial to the security of your business data. That means that before you protect the online data, you have to start with the physical stuff. If your computers are out in the open, so are your vital records. Keep your online data away from prying eyes by keeping your business computers away from the general public. The best way to do this is to keep your business computers in a secured room. This will ensure that your computers can be locked up safely when you leave at night. 

Go with Zone Protection

When it comes to your online networks, you need to go with zone protection. Not every zone is going to require maximum security access. In fact, your front zone, where most of the development will occur, should be your most lenient security zone. That's where most of your workers are going to do the majority of their work. As you move beyond that initial zone, the security measures should increase. Your second zone, will require additional security measures to ensure that only those with prior authorization are admitted into those networks. Finally, the third zone – which is where the system administrators will spend the bulk of their time – should be locked down to everyone but a chosen few.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

The quickest way to provide access to hackers is to fail to understand your own program vulnerabilities. That's why it's crucial to your security that you identify those vulnerabilities before they do. Each time you prepare an application for release, conduct a complete scan first. The scan will allow you to identify – and repair – system vulnerabilities before they have a chance to cause significant harm to your data.

Even if your data center is one small room in the back of your office, it's still crucial to your business operations. Don't take chances with security. The tips provided here will ensure that your data center remains safe and secure.