Sink Add-Ons That Can Improve Productivity and Ergonomics in Your Food Truck

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Sink Add-Ons That Can Improve Productivity and Ergonomics in Your Food Truck

19 October 2016
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Do you own a concession trailer? If so, the sink area is likely an important part of your operations. However, perhaps the sink is causing you some problems such as productivity issues. To keep your customers happy and the food served safely, you need to ensure that your sink is not slowing down the process of preparing food. You may not need a new sink; the following are a few optional pieces of equipment that could help your productivity improve without your needing to invest in a new sink.

Mounting Kit

Perhaps the current position of the faucet is not as ergonomic as you want it to be. This might be causing you to move around more than necessary. You may also be reaching and bending more than you need to if there is an issue with the placement of the faucet. To correct this type of issue, you can invest in a mounting kit, which will enable you to mount the faucet in the desired position. 

Long Spout

It is possible that you have a standard spout on your sink. This may also cause issues with ergonomics. Installing a longer spout will enable you to not have to reach forward and extend your body too much. Overextending can cause injuries such as back strain, and this easy-to-add option can protect you. Spout-length issues are usually impacts short individuals or those with short arms. Perhaps you do not have any issues with the spout, but if you have other people who work on your food truck, it is sensible to ask them whether the length of the spout causes work difficulties for them. When you select a new spout, you will need to take the measurements of the existing sink. This is because if you buy a spout that is too long, water will likely hit the floor. 


A sprayer is an ideal add-on because it can aid in making dishwashing duties faster. For example, a sprayer can be used to pre-rinse dishes, which will prevent food from getting hard on the surface of your cooking equipment. If you have food products that need to be washed, a sprayer can also aid in getting those cleaned faster. Perhaps you have identified a need for a new spout and sprayer. You may be able to save money by purchasing the two pieces of kitchen equipment together. A concession-trailer equipment supplier such as CS Techs Inc is a good resource to use to locate add-ons that can improve your sink area and productivity.