A Safe, Secure Notary Stamp Will Last A Long Time

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A Safe, Secure Notary Stamp Will Last A Long Time

16 January 2017
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A good notary pad should last a long time. In order for a notary agent to viably remain in business, he or she has to be able to deliver that all-important and simple stamp when requested. Nothing could be worse than wasting a client's time by showing up at an appointment with a notary stamp that is not working. Due to improper care, the notary stamp that was supposed to last forever ended up expiring. Worse yet, the stamp did so at the worst possible time. Adhering to a few basic -- but seriously overlooked -- tips might preserve a notary stamp so it never fails to work and lasts a long time.

Use a Soft Touch

Everyone likes to leave a mark on the world in a special way. Notaries do so on a daily basis. By hitting the notary stamp down, a personal—and legal—mark goes on untold numbers of important legal documents. Notaries who get a little too enthusiastic will slam their stamps down hard. Maybe something in the back of the mind suggests hammering the stamp hard gets the job done quicker and more efficiently. Hard slams also wear down the stamp and could damage it. The imprints might end up being too weak or the stamp may flat out stop working. Find the proper midpoint between "too light" and "overkill." This way, the stamped seal is always clear, and the stamp itself is not heading down the path to ruin.

Prevent Drop Damage

No one thinks about the damage a short fall off a desk can do until the notary stamp gets elbowed off a desk and cracks on the floor. A common mistake involves talking to the customer while leaving the notary stamp on a desk or counter and then forgetting it is there. That's one way a stamp ends up being knocked off a desk by mistake. Purchasing a proper holder for the notary stamp, a holder that won't move very easily, can keep errant falls from happening.

Travel with Care

Notaries who work with other businesses and travel to those businesses to perform notary work should always check out supply shops for the best travel case deals. Tossing the stamp into a briefcase seems like "no big deal," but such a vital business accessory should be secured better. A travel case designed specifically for a notary stamp cuts down on the chances of the stamp being lost or damaged.