5 Different Ways To Make Money Off Of Your Gold Jewelry

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5 Different Ways To Make Money Off Of Your Gold Jewelry

12 May 2020
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You might be short on cash, and you might be looking at your gold jewelry and wondering if there is a way that it can help you get the cash that you need. You might not even be in a financial predicament, but you could be hoping to get rid of old jewelry that you don't wear often or at all. Fortunately, there are actually a few different ways that you can make money off of your gold jewelry. Start with the five ideas below, and you might have extra cash in your pocket in no time.

1. Take Out a Pawn Loan

You might actually want your jewelry, so you might not really want to sell it. You might just be in a tough financial situation, so you could be looking for options. This is the kind of situation when you might want to look into a pawn loan. To put things simply, you can take your gold jewelry to a pawn shop and use it as collateral. Then, you can retrieve your jewelry from the pawn shop when you're able to repay the loan and fees.

2. Sell It to a Pawn Shop

You can also take your gold jewelry to a pawn shop to sell it. Many people like this option because they don't have to look for a buyer themselves; instead, you can get the cash that you want pretty quickly. 

3. Sell It to a Local Individual

Consider advertising your gold jewelry on local yard sale sites and classifieds. Then, you can look for individuals in your community who might be thinking about purchasing used gold jewelry. This can be a good way to help others in your community buy the jewelry that they want at an affordable price. It's also a good way for you to get cash for your unwanted jewelry.

4. Sell It Online

You can use online auction sites or other similar sites as a means of selling your gold jewelry. This can be a fantastic way to find a buyer for jewelry if you aren't able to find a buyer locally. Make sure that you factor in advertising and shipping costs when determining how much to sell your gold jewelry for.

5. Sell It at a Jewelry Store

Some jewelry stores actually buy used jewelry. Consider heading to a local jewelry store to have your pieces appraised and to potentially sell your pieces for cash.

If you have gold jewelry that you don't want anymore, you can quickly and easily turn it into much-needed cash. Try one or all five of the tips above, and you might get more money for your gold jewelry than you think.

For more information on how to sell gold jewelry, contact a local gold buyer.