Installing A New Well Pump In Your Drilled Water Well

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Installing A New Well Pump In Your Drilled Water Well

12 May 2020
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If you are having a new well drilled on your property, you will need to contact a well pump company to put in the pump and other accessories that will handle bringing the water into your home. Working with residential water well pump services will get you the best results and make the job much more straightforward. 

Selecting the Right Pump

Not all well pumps are alike, and selecting the one that is going to work best for you is critical to the performance of your well. A well pump has to have enough power to push the water from deep below the surface to the tank in your home. If the pump is underpowered, the stress on the motor could cause the pump to fail prematurely. 

Water well pumps come in different sizes, and the well pump company can help you select the right one for your situation. The amount of water that the well [produces, the depth of the well, and the distance your well is from your home can all play a role in selecting the correct pump. 

If you have an artesian well-flowing hundreds of gallons a minute, the pump is not going to need to work as hard as one in a well that is only producing ten gallons of water a minute. Talk with the water well pump installation company about how large a well pump you need and what will perform the best for you.

Pressure Tanks and Why You Need One

In your basement or somewhere in your home, you need to have a pressure tank that the water well pump feeds. The tanks are typically a fiberglass reinforced tank that has a rubber bladder inside. The water fills the blatter until a specific pressure is reached, and then a switch shuts off the pump. 

The pressure applied in the tank by the blatter is what pressurized the water system in the home and keeps the well pump from running constantly. Without the pressure tank, the pump would need to come on every time you opened a faucet or took a shower, and the water pressure in the home would likely be very low. 

The water well pump installation company can help you choose a pressure tank that will work for your home and the amount of pressure you need. The pump installer will put the pump and the tank in for you and make sure that the system is running correctly when they leave your home. 

You may need to have an electrician come to tie the electrical in unless the well company has an electrical to do the work. Check with the company so you can make arrangements if needed.