3 Common Rendering Problems You Should Be Prepared To Fix

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3 Common Rendering Problems You Should Be Prepared To Fix

29 May 2020
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Rendering has transformed the way that designers convey their vision to investors and potential customers. A rendering program can turn a flat, two-dimensional blueprint into a visual masterpiece that even the least imaginative individual can appreciate.

You will probably encounter a few problems as you work through the rendering process using a specialized plugin for your design software. Here are three of those problems, and some things that you can do to overcome them in the future.

1. Design Simplicity

The greatest benefit that 3D rendering can offer is the ability to show your clients and investors what a project will look like in real life. You want your rendering to tell a story about the space on display so that viewers can imagine themselves using the space on a daily basis.

Design simplicity is a serious problem that can detract from the value of your renderings. You can easily address design simplicity by "dressing" your renderings. Add furnishings, landscaping, and people to the rendering so that the space will take on a more realistic form. You will still showcase your design, but adding more elements can make the design even more appealing.

2. Forgetting Reflections

All objects existing in the real world reflect light in some way. It's important that you take these reflections into consideration as you work within a rendering plugin to bring your design to life. Forgetting to put reflections into your design can make the rendering feel flat and unrealistic.

The best way to ensure that your reflections have an authentic look is to include a few flaws in the design. Perfect reflections don't really exist, so you shouldn't leave the reflections in your rendering perfect either. Simply add some dust or scratches to glass or mirrors, and you will elevate the realness of your renderings in the future.

3. Using Substandard Textures

Texture can influence the quality of your renderings. You want your three-dimensional mock-ups to look as realistic as possible. Customers and investors are drawn to textures within a rendering since it is textures that help give any room a more authentic feel.

Make sure that the plugin you are using to generate your renderings features high-quality textures. Proper use of texture in your rendering design will help you avoid giving your renderings a plastic feel that can turn off potential buyers and investors.

Rendering is a useful tool for modern designers. Use a sketchup rendering plugin to overcome common rendering problems and hopefully improve the quality and effectiveness of your mock-ups over time.