Want To Put On A Big Firework Show? 5 Ways To Keep Things Safe

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Want To Put On A Big Firework Show? 5 Ways To Keep Things Safe

18 March 2021
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If you want to put on a big firework show in your neighborhood, in addition to purchasing a lot of fireworks to put on a big show, you are going to need to make sure that you know how to keep things safe when you put on a big show for the neighborhood. Fireworks are fun if you know how to keep things safe.

Way #1: Stay Away from Illegal Explosives

First, you are going to want to stay away from illegal explosives. States regulate the size of fireworks that can be sold for safety reasons. Oversized fireworks are designed to be handled by professionals; they can be extremely dangerous in untrained hands. Don't go out of your way to purchase illegal fireworks; stick to the standard size in your state. In general, fireworks packaged in brown paper are fireworks designed for professionals, not regular users.

Way #2: Work in a Clear Area

Second, you will want to find a large clear area to light the fireworks when it comes to using fireworks. You don't want to shoot fireworks up into the air near a bunch of trees or right next to a home. You don't want to light a firework near anything that could catch fire, so make sure all flammables are removed from the area as well.

Way #3: Have Water on Hand

Even if you clear the area, there is always a risk of a fire starting, so you need to ensure you have water on hand. You will want to have a few buckets filled with water that can be used to put out any small flames. You will also want to have a long hose nearby that you can use to put out any fires.

When you are done setting off the fireworks, you will want to take all the fireworks and thoroughly douse them in water. You don't want to throw the fireworks in the trash and end up with a trash can fire. Drench the fireworks with water, even if you don't think they are hot, before throwing them away.

Way #4: Wear the Right Clothing

When you light up the fireworks, you need to watch what you wear. You are going to want to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris. Wear pants and hard shoes so that flames do not injure you. Don't wear anything with tassels or frills that could quickly catch on fire.

Way #5: Always Light the Firework on the Ground

Never, ever for any reason, light a firework when you are holding it in your hand. Doing so puts you at risk of the firework exploding and seriously injuring you. Instead, you should have a launch platform on the ground where you light the fireworks. You should never lean over the firework when lighting the firework.

If you want to put on a big firework display for your neighborhood, you need to keep it safe. Only purchase legal fireworks, work in a clear area, have lots of water on hand, wear protective clothing, and always light fireworks on the ground. For more information about buying fireworks, contact a local dealer.