Six Mistakes That Can Complicate Construction After You've Established Your Custom Home Design

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Six Mistakes That Can Complicate Construction After You've Established Your Custom Home Design

28 May 2021
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Getting a home built with a custom home design is a great way to get the home you've always dreamed of. However, the task is far from complete even after you've established the design you want. 

Constructing the home you've had designed can involve complications if you're not careful. The following are six mistakes that can complicate construction after you've worked out the details of your custom home design. 

Not doing enough research on the lot location and characteristics before purchase

Future custom home owners often make the mistake of focusing too much on the design and not enough on the lot location. As such, you need to research the lot details and location thoroughly to make sure that there are no lot characteristics like utility hookup challenges that could complicate the construction of a custom home. 

Choosing a builder based on price alone

You need a quality builder if you want the construction of your custom home to go smoothly. Simply choosing the builder offering the lowest price bid may not be the right fit for things you want in your dream home. It could also lead to a situation where construction takes far longer than expected. 

Making changes to the design midway through construction

One of the worst things you can do is start feeling indecisive about design details once construction has already begun. Making changes to the design during construction will create complications. It can also significantly drive up the total costs of building your custom home. 

Switching builders midway through construction

It's important to stick with the builder you've decided on. Switching builders midway through construction will inevitably delay the completion of construction when you're having a custom-designed home built. 

Hiring a builder who is located some distance from your home's location

It's best to hire a local builder when you're having a custom design home built. This way, the builder will be able to come out to the construction site quickly and will have a network of material suppliers and subcontractors located in the area. 

Not being readily available when the builder needs to consult with you regarding your home design

If you want the end results to be as close as possible to the home design you've envisioned, it's important that you're always available to answer your builder's questions.

The builder might have questions on design details, material options, and costs as construction progresses. If you're unavailable to answer these questions right away, construction might become delayed or the builder might proceed without needed input from you. For more information, contact a custom home design service