Tips For Self-Publishing Your Book

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Tips For Self-Publishing Your Book

12 August 2021
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Publishing a book can be a major personal achievement. However, individuals that are choosing to self-publish will often be unaware of the best practices that they should be following before they release their work.

Invest In A Professional Cover For The Book

The cover of the book is one of the most important marketing tools. Unfortunately, many individuals will underestimate the difficulty of creating an attractive cover as well as the importance of this part of the book. To make sure that your book will have the most enticing cover possible, you should work with a professional designer to create your book's cover. To help ensure that you can clearly explain what you want from your book's new cover, you might want to prepare a rough sketch of what you want the cover to look like. As you are evaluating potential design services, you should review their previous work or professional portfolio so that you can review their design style.  

Consider Test Readers Before You Commit To Publishing

The editing and revisions can be one of the longest parts of the publishing process. However, this can also be among the most important as it will finalize the book before it is submitted for publishing. To help you with this process, it can be useful to recruit or hire some test readers. These individuals will be able to help you with the editing process by identifying areas in the book where the flow may be confusing or typographical errors are present. This type of insight can be instrumental in improving the quality of the book before it is published, but you will want to be sure to get input from several test readers for the most comprehensive results.  

Use A Quality Book Printing Service

If you are planning to self-publish the book, you will need a book printing service. Unfortunately, the quality of these services can vary greatly, and it is important to review the quality of a potential publishing service before you commit to using it for a largescale order. To this end, these services will typically offer smaller order sizes as well as prototypes to allow you to personally review the quality of the materials and work that the service provided. This is particularly true for those that are wanting to order both hard and softback editions of their book as some services may be better suited for particular types of book printing.