Wine Cellars: The Best Amenities For Your Wine Collection

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Wine Cellars: The Best Amenities For Your Wine Collection

28 October 2021
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According to research, partaking in the occasional glass of red wine has numerous health benefits. Wine has antioxidants that help you avoid heart diseases, inflammation, and many other health conditions. Red wine has also been linked to increased life expectancy in humans. Besides, wine is one of the best beverages for entertaining or unwinding after a long and stressful day. If you are an oenophile, otherwise known as a wine connoisseur, or plan on becoming one, this article is for you. In it, you'll find reasons to consider owning a wine cellar and how to ensure you have the best wine collection.

Why is a Wine Cellar Essential?

You need to consider fitting a wine cellar on your premises for the following reasons:

1.       Keep your wine fresh for longer

Wine, just like any other beverage, needs proper storage and preservation to stay fresh. For instance, to prevent your favorite red wine bottle from going bad fast, experts recommend storing it in a place with a 45º F to 65º F temperature range. Anything significantly higher or lower than this is unfit. Most typical refrigerators maintain temperatures that are way lower than this range, thereby stunting your wine's development. Opt for wine cellars with the right atmosphere, temperature.

2.       Convenience

Sometimes you unknowingly run out of wine. That is inconvenient, especially when you have to entertain guests on an ad hoc basis. And it becomes more troubling when no store sells wine close to your home. But with a wine cellar, that won't be a problem since it allows you to take inventory and organize your collection neatly. That way, you can make preparations beforehand, avoid running dry, and easily access a specific bottle. And to make the deal sweeter, most cellars allow you to organize your collection based on factors like grape variety, peak aging, and origin.

3.       Increase your property's value

According to a recent report, 31% of new-home buyers with at least $150,000 annual household income consider a wine cellar an amenity they desire most. That means they are more likely to purchase a home with a wine cellar than one without. Therefore, if you plan on selling your property faster and for a better price, installing one is an excellent idea. Besides, most people consider wine cellars symbols of prestige and status, which significantly influences their take on a particular home's value.

Hire a Wine Cellar Consultant

Building, maintaining, or enlarging a wine cellar and collection is exhilarating, but it needs expertise and paying attention to every little detail. For instance, you need to factor in temperature range, humidity, storage capacity, and wine-aging goals. Without extensive knowledge, your wine cellar won't serve you well. To ensure you get an amenity guaranteed to give you the best collection, hire a wine cellar consultant